Eco-Friendly Entertainment

Jason Spencer Weddings - Green Weddings

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While your choice in entertainment might not initially be something you think to be “green,” there certainly are decisions that can help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Spencer Weddings and Entertainment has restructured itself to make sure that you can keep that warm and fuzzy feeling received from loving the planet.

A tree is planted.

Working with Green Mountain Energy after every event performed, a native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States. An average tree will absorb more than 650 pounds of carbon dioxide over its lifetime – that’s equal to the amount produced by driving about 740 miles.  Read more…

Utilizing wind and solar power.

The home office of Spencer Weddings and Entertainment is fortunate to be located in the Silicon Valley Power grid.  This allows us to utilize renewable energy, in the form of wind and solar, from the Santa Clara Green Power program.  Read more…

The music is digital.

Advances in professional grade DJ equipment that can read the MP3 file format is amazing. Nearly 90% of my music is delivered monthly on a single DVD that contains over 280 songs. The digital library itself is almost 35,000 songs. No more CDs and CD binders – it’s all stored on a hard drive that is read by the DJ hardware, which results in less waste.

Everything else.

Other little things add up to a lot of environmentally friendly savings.  L.E.D. lighting is used. Apple iPads are replacing need for traditional paper based documents. When we do need paper, it is sugarcane-based (80% bagasse). High grade recyclable batteries are used in wireless equipment whenever possible.