The Difference

Jason Spencer Weddings - The Difference

Jill Johnson Photography

Think about the last few weddings you attended. Does anything stand out? Do you remember if you had a good time? Was it fun, or did you just make your appearance and move on with life? Chances are those weddings were not in control by an experienced Entertainment Director.

Jason Spencer doesn’t like the term “thinking outside the box.” The truth is, he feels there is no box – or in other words, your wedding will start with a blank slate and not a predetermined schedule of events. Your wedding should not be and will not be like everyone else’s wedding that you and your friends have recently attended.

Your instructions will be followed. Your song requests will be played. Your “do not play” list will be honored. With Jason as your Entertainment Director, your wedding will reflect you, your family, and your friends – and it will be better than you ever possibly imagined.