Whoo-hoo! You are married!

Thank you for taking the time to review my services online.  Unlike the Post-Reception Feedback Survey that you received in the mail, this is now your chance to share with future brides and grooms the value you received by using my services.  Feel free to mention how much fun you had, a funny story about how someone you never expected to see on the dance floor was tearing it up, your favorite moment (your introductions, perhaps?), or anything else.  Perhaps I helped you figure out the best timing, a creative idea that added that extra bit of your personality, or perhaps you felt that I was really flexible and easy to work with.

Most of all, think back to when we first met.  What questions did you have going into our initial consultation?  What did I say during that meeting that made you decide I was a better choice than everyone else you contacted?  These are the best things you do to help connect engaged couples with me.  You have the experience of working with me, share that knowledge.

Links to review sites

Please click on any of the links below, and you’ll be whisked away and ready to review my services.  Remember, this is an opportunity to share how I might have helped in any way.

Final notes

Just because you used my services, you were not the only ones to experience the magic of your special day.  Perhaps I helped your Best Man with his toast or the officiant with his timing and final words for the ceremony.  If they would like to mention how I was able to make the day better, please feel free to share these links with family and guests that attended the wedding.