Eco-Friendly Bed in a Box

Sunday, August 16th, 2009 at 2:55 PM by   

Recently, I announced ways that Spencer Weddings and Entertainment was becoming eco-friendly.  That, of course, doesn’t stop with company practices.  My wife and I purchased a brand new Tea Leaf Supreme mattress from Keetsa.

There were many reasons that we decided to try this mattress.  I say try, because unlike some of those other brands, you can actually make a comfort exchange during a 30-90 day period after purchase — and it’s FREE to exchange.  However, we initially saw them on KRON’s Bay Area Bargains.  Initially, two things stood out – it’s a memory foam mattress, and it comes in a box.  The box was important, because we live in a loft with a tiny spiral staircase.  Two other companies have tried to deliver and ultimately told us they couldn’t take a mattress upstairs.  Now we had an option!

Further research made it apparent that this was the mattress for us.  I had been a long time believer of the Tempur-Pedic mattress.  Unfortunately, the price always too steep, and my wife had concerns about heat retention and off-gassing.  Keetsa came in FAR cheaper than the other guys (our king was $1850 and came with two free pillows).  They also offered us free white-glove delivery (the king is the only size than cannot go UPS), which saved us even more money.

But wait – did I mention it comes in a box?  That’s right, compressed under 1200 lbs of pressure, folded in half, then rolled up into a 100% recyclable box.  We opted out of the delivery and tossed it into the back of our Mazda6 — with room to spare.  Add other neat environmental features, like that it’s made from cedar oil, extract of green tea, bamboo and untreated cotton.  The foam itself is fully recyclable, and it fully conforms to fire-safety standards.  They encourage the reuse of your existing box spring — or you can even use it without one, should you desire.

Half the fun is taking the mattress out of the box – but the joy certainly comes from a good night’s sleep.  Personally, I am 300+ pounds, and once I adjusted to the new setup (a few days), I found that my back pain and “kinks” I once woke up with are gone.  I can’t imagine how I must have tossed and turned before we picked up one of these.

I suggest checking them out at, or visit one of their four Bay Area locations.  I was treated well by Joe Alexander, Sales & Marketing Director, when I purchased mine from the newer Santa Clara location (near Santana Row on Stevens Creek Blvd).