Give Them A Reason To Stay

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at 9:09 AM by   

Every industry has some mentors that keep them guided and on track to making the best of their passion. It might be someone they aspire to be as they go forward. The one that sparked the mobile DJ/entertainment industry has to be Mark Ferrell.

Along with his wife, Rebecca, Mark teaches and inspires entertainment skills. For anyone that wants to be a better Master of Ceremonies, their workshops are hands down the best (and they aren’t just for DJs either). They have inspired a new breed of entertainers to begin incorporating the bride and groom’s “Love Story” into a wedding reception. Admission to the MarBecca community costs $360 per year — but for the professional entertainer, they are completely worth it.

You can have your event in your garage and serve beans and franks, and if the entertainment is great, you’ll have a fantastic and memorable event.

Or you can have your event at the Ritz Carlton and serve 5 star cuisine, but if the entertainment is mediocre or worse, the event will suffer and guests will leave early.

-Mark Ferrell

The truth is that you have many options for entertainment. Beyond looking for a DJ, Master of Ceremonies, Band, Magician, Comedian and more is looking for a good one. If you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes find a great one.

Typically, the great ones are not going to be the under $1000 DJ that you find on Craigslist. Many of them can average services ranging from $3500 to $5900 in price. A select few can command over $10,000 or more for a 5 hour reception. But are they worth it?

In a word? Likely.

The truth is that, during an initial consultation (some might call this a “sales meeting”), nothing scares me more than when it comes to telling you the price. It’s not because I don’t think I’m worth it – my previous wedding couples already let me know that answer through feedback surveys.

This fear is true among most of the community, and it’s because so many couples are familiar with the average wedding DJ, which comes with average pricing. While the fear of sticker shock is there, all of us that ask an above average price know that you will receive value far above and beyond that price. We know that we are worth it, because our clients have told us we are worth every penny (or more).

The best thing to do is go into that initial consultation with both an open mind, and good set of questions to ensure that your expectations but you also understand the value of what the company you meet with can offer.

Those that have taken training with industry specialists like Mark & Rebecca Ferrell, Bill Herman, Peter Merry and Randy Bartlett (among a dozen others) — workshops and seminars that keep our passion and creative juices flowing — are going to command that higher price, but also ensure that you get value in return.

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